January 07, 2019

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‘Religious beliefs’ lead Chilliwack-Hope MLA on vote to protect transgender rights

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A new law to protect transgender rights in B.C.’s Human Rights Code passed into law Monday, despite opposition from at least one of the governing party’s own MLAs.

Laurie Throness, the Liberal MLA for Chilliwack-Hope, said his religious beliefs prevented him from supporting legislation to specifically enshrine protection for transgender people in the human rights law. He said he believes in a fixed-gender, which is decided at birth, and described the LGBTQ community as a powerful lobby group intolerant of himself and others who disagree that the law would add necessary protections.

Though its rare for a Liberal MLA to criticize his own government’s legislation, Throness did not go so far as to vote against the bill. Instead, he abstained from voting at all. The bill passed unanimously.

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BC Liberal MLA claims the LGBT community is ‘dominating’ Christians

Up is the new down and down is the new up, according to BC Liberal MLA Laurie Throness.

During debate on Bill 27, legislation that passed into law Monday adding “gender identity or expression” to the human rights code, Throness told the British Columbia Legislature that he wouldn’t support the bill because recognizing gender identity as a human right is akin to discrimination against those whose views on gender are “rooted in Christian faith.”

And although it may seem “paradoxical” since the LGBT community is a “vulnerable group,” the MLA for Chilliwack-Hope said the LGBT community has become a “powerful” special interest, not unlike a “powerful business lobby or a rich person.”

The beliefs of the LGBT community, he added, now “dominates in our society.”

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Post source : Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun/Chilliwack Times; Press Progress

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