August 12, 2020

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Jim Deva Plaza gets final nod from Vancouver city council Approval comes with up to $2.3-million budget for phase one

Photo Credit To Jeremy Hainsworth

Approval comes with up to $2.3-million budget for phase one

Gay activist Jim Deva was honoured at Vancouver city council Dec 16, 2015, as a driving force for freedom of sexuality and expression, an unrepentant rabble-rouser, a friend and a mentor.

“He had a knack for making you instantaneously part of the family,” says Drew Dennis, chair of the city’s LGBT advisory committee.

“I know I’m not alone in saying he was a friend and mentor to many of us,” Dennis says.

The reminiscences of community members and councillors were heartfelt and at times teary-eyed.

And, when the speeches ended, council voted unanimously to fund a community plaza in Deva’s name in the Davie Street community where he lived, worked and played.

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