December 28, 2018

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Restore Funding to HIV Groups: Crisis Looming April 1

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Member of Parliament, Don Davies says “HIV Groups and Organizations are facing closure or serious reduction in service delivery on April 1, 2018”.

In a joint news conference with Positive Living BC, MP Don Davies discussed the impact of the Federal Liberal’s cuts to community based HIV organizations across Canada.

In British Columbia the Positive Woman’s Network Society has already been impacted by closure, and on a federal scope the Canadian AIDS Society, the preeminent organization which represents HIV organizations across the country, told Davies that the Canadian AIDS Society will have to close it’s doors on April 1, 2018, unless federal support in restored.

In this recent video, posted on Facebook on February 23, 2018, Davies explains the financial dynamics, and what will cause a crisis to unfold. With budgets frozen and new organizations allowed access to those already frozen budgets , HIV organizations  are in a serious situation.  Many groups will be forced to close or see serious reductions in the services they provide.

In June of 2017, We posted HIV/AIDS Funding under scrutiny in Parliament. This article includes the political exchange (videos) in the House of Commons when Davies pressed the government to explain the cuts. Link to this article /7595/federal-initiative-hivaids/

Featured Video: February 23, 2018

Don Davies and Positive Living BC Joint New Conference

NDP: Restore funding to HIV groups

Tune in to a joint news conference with Positive Living BC discussing the impact of the federal Liberals’ cuts to community-based HIV organizations across Canada.

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HIV/AIDS Funding Under Scrutiny in Parliament

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