October 07, 2018

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PFLAG Hag and Proud!

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story by: Lisa McIvor

What the heck does that mean you may say? Well I’m glad you asked, but bear with me as there is no way to get around explaining any of this without some of the same old tired labels we see applied to people living within an unusual sexual preference. Labels. YUCK.

I am not ‘gay’ myself, but being a ‘straight’ girl who hangs out with ‘gay’ guys makes you a sort of social cling-on that is affectionately referred to as being a “Fag Hag”. I like being a Fag Hag, these people are my closest friends and I have been with them through all their ups and downs in life. That’s what PFLAG is all about – being a caring and supportive resource to family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances of those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, so that they will always know they are free and safe to be who they truly are around us.

I am one of those lucky people who had gay friends, co-workers and acquaintances throughout my life. I am also one of the few who were never told that being gay was wrong, or that mixed up gender issues was a mental problem, or that being attracted to someone of the same sex was not what GOD intended. I was raised in an accepting family, always taught to stick up for myself, and also to stick up for the underdog. Anyone who was being unfairly treated became my friend. Anyone who was too shy or scared to stand up for themselves found me as a ‘pillar of stability’ for when their knees buckled under the weight of a different sexuality or lifestyle. PFLAG is that pillar of stability for those who may not be so lucky.

Today, I find myself grateful and accepting, as life has taught me to respect everyone and everything around me. PFLAG encompasses all those traits and is a helpful resource to youth, parents, friends and others. Its goal is to offer support, access information, to guide and expose people to successful acceptance and love. Please contact them or check out their website for more information, it is not as up to date as we’d like, but it is still a wonderful glittering light along the rainbow!



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