January 04, 2019

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Lesbians are ‘hot,’ says controversial pro-oilsands Facebook post

Photo Credit To Canada Oilsands Community/Facebook

Gay Métis Albertan behind post wants Canada to stop buying oil from Saudi Arabia

A gay Métis Albertan is getting attention for a pro-oilsands ad he posted on Facebook that says lesbians are “hot” and questions why Canada buys oil from countries “that butcher gays and lesbians.”

Robbie Picard said the post is meant to highlight and spark conversation about the poor treatment of LGBTQ people in energy-rich countries.

“My question to the rest of Canada, particularly Ontario and Quebec: Why are we getting our oil from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, places that if you’re gay, they will chop off your head?” said Picard, who lives in Fort McMurray, Alta., and used to work at Suncor.

The post went up Sunday night on the Canada Oilsands Community Facebook page, which Picard said is a personal project and not directly affiliated with any official pro-oilsands organizations.

It has already received plenty of backlash.

“Congrats you’ve managed to be racist, sexist AND homophobic all at once!” wrote Peter McCartney on the page.

Read More Here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/lesbians-are-hot-oilsands-facebook-post-1.3694353#DVP

Post source : Danielle Nerman, CBC News

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