December 25, 2018

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Openly Transgender Candidate Could Make Canadian History

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Pride in Morgane

On BC election day, Morgane Oger could make history as an openly transgender candidate running for public office in Canada.  Oger is seeking the nomination for the BC NDP in the riding of Vancouver False Creek.  She will likely be acclaimed and then will need to win a seat in the spring election. The next general election in British Columbia will take place on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 .

editors note:  Stacey Elizabeth Piercey is currently seeking the nomination in Victoria-Swan Lake for the BC Liberals for 2017. She is a community advocate and works with Trans Care BC through Provincial Health Services Authority as Vancouver Island Pride Co-ordinator.  Stacey’s website

Political pioneers include: Jamie Lee Hamilton 1996 Vancouver municipal election, Micheline Montreuil 2008 federal election (nomination withdrawn before election), Christin Milloy 2011 Ontario provincial election Ontario Libertarian Party candidate in Mississauga-Brampton South, Jennifer McCreath 2015 federal election Strength in Democracy candidate in Avalon and Susan Gapka from Toronto in 2006.

In order to facilitate the transition to public office Morgane Oger has taken a leave of absence from the position of Chair for the Vancouver District Parent Advisory Counsil effective November 15, 2016. In 2014 Oger was nominated to the District Parent Advisory Counsil (DPAC) at a time when the counsil was experiencing a crisis within. This crisis led to a year of sustained effort to remedy.

Today the DPAC is credible and effective due to Oger’s leadership of providing fact based solutions, especially considering the appointment of the official Trustee appointed by the Minister of Education after the fiasco of the Minister firing the entire Vancouver School Trustee Board.

The groundwork for equal protection of all kids in BC schools is a major accomplishment that will benefit families in the future.

Experience and Determination

Chair of the Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council, Business Person, Skilled Engineer and advocate to get explicit human rights protection for gender identity and expression into the BC Human Rights Code, working closely with MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert are a few of the attributes and accomplishments that will make Oger the prime candidate for the Provincial riding of Vancouver False Creek (VFC).

In 2016, Morgane Oger was a Grand Marshal for Vancouver’s annual Pride Parade, a tribute to her hard work and dedication.

MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert and Vancouver False Creek nominee Morgane Oger (twitter)

Nomination Rally Nov. 27

The nomination rally for Morgane takes place on Sunday November 27 at 1:30 pm at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue, 580 West Hasting Street.

Morgane Oger, nominee Vancouver False Creek / Photo: Belle Ancell Photography

Oger’s platform includes an education system that is adequately funded and lifts up our children.  Social safety nets for the disadvantaged. A business environment that works for all British Columbians by creating sustainable jobs and a housing policy that does not treat homes like commodities.

Facebook: Morgane Oger @morgane.oger.bc

Thanks to Bell Ancell Photography.

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