December 28, 2018

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Thousands of people attend Truro’s 1st pride parade

Photo Credit To Steve Berry/CBC

‘We never thought we would ever see something like this in Truro,’ says organizer

After years of opposition from town politicians, Truro held its first ever pride parade under a warm, sunny sky on Saturday and thousands of people showed up to watch.

“Historically, it’s just major. It’s really major. We’re so excited. It’s just been a long time coming. We never thought we would ever see something like this in Truro,” said Al McNutt, the parade’s organizer.

McNutt, 66, has lived in Truro his whole life. The supervisor and director of the Northern Healthy Connection Society and social activist said he always felt people in his town were accepting of his sexual orientation.

Sign of the times

“I’ve never had any trouble as far as being an openly gay man and also openly living with HIV. I’ve never really had any issues in this town,” he said. “Even when we had that trouble with the flag previously, I never really looked at Truro as being homophobic.”

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Post source : Anjuli Patil, CBC News

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