November 21, 2016

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Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association (ARGRA) Ceases All Operations

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Economic Downturn is the Reason for the Cancellation of the Rodeo and Music Festival in Strathmore

After cancelling the upcoming Canadian International Gay Rodeo Association on May 19th, 2016, word has finally come out today on the status on the Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association (ARGRA) and future rodeo events planned. ARGRA had replaced the previous message with the following on their website.

“The Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association (ARGRA) is a Calgary based not-for-profit society that is solely volunteer-driven.

Alberta has suffered a severe economic downturn over the past year which has negatively impacted those sponsorships on which ARGRA relies. Over the past year, ARGRA has done everything that it could to operate in this difficult economic environment; however, it became clear that despite our best efforts it was necessary to cancel the 2016 Canadian Rockies International Rodeo and Music Festival (2016 CRIR).

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ARGRA Statement:

Strathmore gay rodeo cancelled because of economic slump, U.S. group says

International Gay Rodeo Association says Alberta event ran deficit last year

An Alberta organization’s decision to cancel the province’s only gay rodeo this year came down to a lack of money, according to a U.S.-based group that runs the international circuit.

Last month, the Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association (ARGRA) announced it was cancelling its annual Canadian Rockies International Rodeo, which has been held in Strathmore since 2009.

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Post source : Steve Polyak, Gay Calgary Magazine; CBC News Calgary

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