January 05, 2019

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Donations Sought for UVic Transgender Studies Scholarships & Fellowships

Photo Credit To University of Victoria

Exciting news from The Chair in Transgender Studies!

We are establishing a set of brand new scholarships and fellowships to be awarded in 2017. Undergraduate and graduate students, and visiting community- and university-based scholars and professionals, both trans and cis (non-trans) will be able to benefit from these awards.

Scholarships & Fellowships will be for:

  • 3rd or 4th year undergraduates doing a trans studies project in any field.
  • Trans and non-binary Master’s and Doctoral students working in any field.
  • Cis Master’s and Doctoral students working on trans studies.
  • Community- and university-based scholars and professionals working to benefit trans people.

Those in financial need will be prioritized!

We need your help to get these awards out to as many people as possible. Please consider how you can help to expand access to these scholarships. Your donation now will have an impact!

Please dig deep to help make these scholarships and fellowships have the maximum reach possible. Your contribution will help young trans and non-binary people to build successful lives. If you donate now, your donation of $250 will be doubled and will support an undergraduate student scholarship; a donation now of $500 will be doubled and will support a Master’s student or two undergraduate students. Your support will improve the lives of trans and gender nonconforming people. Your investment will make a brighter future.

Donations can be made here: https://extrweb.uvic.ca/donate-online/transchair

Your donation now will make a difference!
Donate by August 31 st to maximize your impact.

All donations will be matched dollar for dollar by Tawani Foundation.

Post source : Aaron H Devor, University of Victoria

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