December 10, 2016

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Siegfried and Roy biopic to tell story of tiger-loving magicians

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Las Vegas magicians famous for performing with, and being mauled by, big cats, will have their story told by German producer Nico Hofmann

Las Vegas magicians Siegfried & Roy, famous for their work with exotic big cats, are to get their own biopic, it has been announced.

The German-born duo, whose full names are Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn, starred in a long-running and highly successful stage show at Las Vegas’s Mirage Casino; they first started performing there in 1990, and the show was closed in 2003 after Horn was badly injured after an incident involving a white tiger during which he was bitten in the neck.

The project has been picked up by prolific German producer Nico Hofmann, and the director and writer of The Physician, Philipp Stölzl and Jan Berger, are on board. Siegfried & Roy themselves will executive produce the film.

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Siegfried & Roy to Tell Life Story in Upcoming Biopic

German magician duo, who found success in Las Vegas before tragic tiger attack, will executive produce as-yet-untitled film

Siegfried & Roy, the German magicians who conquered Las Vegas before an infamous onstage tiger attack in 2003 ended their popular run, will be the subject of a new biopic from director Philipp Stolzl ( The Physician ). The entertainers, Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Uwe Horn, have signed a deal to executive produce a movie based on their lives, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Stolzl will direct the project for German film studio UFA Fiction. Jan Berger ( The Physician ) will write the script and UFA CEO Nico Hofmann will produce. Effects company Pixomondo ( Game of Thrones , The Walking Dead ) will produce visuals.”The image of Siegfried and Roy floating down onto the stage in their fantastical outfits, landing amidst a pack of snow-white tigers, has been burned into my mind since I was a boy,” Stolzl told The Hollywood Reporter . “It was truly out of this world. Being able to tell the story of Siegfried and Roy, covering all their successes, desires and dreams, is a wonderful gift that comes with a special set of challenges for me as a director.”

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Post source : Andrew Pulver, The Guardian; Ryan Reed, Rolling Stone

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