November 14, 2018

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Video: Better Together, A Vancouver Pride Story

Photo Credit To Youtube, VPS

A brilliant short video using tilt-shift produces an amazing video.  A collaboration between Active Ingredient Creative Studio and Burnaby Community Services.

Published on Aug 9, 2016

Shedding a light on big issues within the LGBTQ2+ community, in a small way.

Presented by

Active Ingredient Creative Studio

In Association With

Burnaby Community Services

Vancouver Pride Society

Creating with Support From:

Merchant Advance Capital

Western ONE


Do what U Luv

Coast Plaza Hotels…

Rogues West

Starring & Narrated By:
Kiara Rasmussen
Duncan Crawford
Resh Pono
Artem Palchevskiy
Jam Parkinson
Samantha Derochie
Deanna Wong
Heather Searle

Directed & Edited By:
Jeremy Mamisao

Producer, Cinematography By:
Julian Giordano
Resh Pono
Jam Parkinson

Written By:
Graydon Child

Assistant Director, Lead:
Samantha Derochie

Camera Operator:
Julian Giordano
Yuri Vasilyev

Additional Writing:
Resh Pono
Jam Parkinson
Duncan Crawford

Production Assistant:
Kinney Tang

Special Thanks:
Aziz Ahmed
Upi Rai
Paige Sorger
Patrick Latter
Artem Palchevskiy
April Alayon
Danny Fang Yan
Yvonne Liao
Yuri Vasilyev


Post source : Youtube, Vancouver Pride Society

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