November 16, 2016

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“I Hate Gays For Real” Wave of Outrage over Hateful T-Shirt

Photo Credit To CTV via Twitter

T-Shirt Anti-Gay

Ottawa Police are investigating 18 year old Julien Clement who was spotted wearing an anti-gay T-shirt to a popular family attraction called Saunder’s Farm.

CTV reported that Julien Clement attended the Lodge at Saunders Farm last week wearing the offensive shirt and staff at Saunder’s Farm alerted police. Unfortunately the attraction was very busy and Julien escaped police, but not without stating “nice try with the police”.

Saunder’s Farm did release a comment on Facebook saying “we are outraged, offended, and taking the appropriate steps to ensure a similar situation never occurs again on our property.

The shirt with big letters ATG is referring to anti-gay. The shirt reads “if you are gay don’t approch [sic] me. I’ll kill you”. Clement said to CTV that he is “not homophobic and is not scared of gay people”. He “just hates them”.

Clement is from Buckingham, Quebec and was interviewed by Metro Ottawa and said he “had a bad experience” with a gay person.

Angela Grant Saunders, co-owner of the farm said to CBC that “it’s a very, very blatantly hateful and very threatening message.

Ottawa Police continue to investigate.

Post source : CTV, Metro News, Huffington Post

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