January 03, 2019

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Pride Parade Epic Water Battle with Vancouver Firefighters

Photo Credit To Davie Village Post

Since before 2008, Cindy Kampmeinert, Vancouver Firefighter, literally had a blast participating in a water battle. Tragically, Cindy died while on vacation in Goa, India on December 18, 2008. Her memory lives on each year when a truck loaded with large buckets of water is parked in the alleyway between Nelson Street and Barclay Street ready to battle it out.  It’s become a Pride Parade tradition to have an epic water battle each year and Cindy’s picture is prominently on display on the back of the super soaker truck.

Photo: http://rememberingcindykampmeinert.blogspot.ca/

First Responders are given no mercy when it comes to getting soaked by the Cindy Crew parked in that alleyway next to the Dover Arms on Denman Street. The firefighters and police are prime targets to get soaked, but Vancouver Firefighters usually have a plan to get even.

Why not start up the fire truck and get those fire hoses out and blast the super soaker bearing opponents with a super soaker of epic proportions, a firetruck.

As usual, when the firetruck stops in front of the Dover Arms and they start to get the hoses ready, the parade spectators give a rousing roar of approval and then all hell breaks loose. There is no doubt everyone is having fun and the crowd watching is just loving it.

Now, there are rules such as don’t get the drag queens wet and don’t get electronics wet. Everyone else is fair game, including some dogs. If you want to get parade pictures this is not the best spot and usually targets are caught off guard and begin a mad dash to escape being sprayed.

It was exciting and historic to see the Prime Minister and the three parade grand marshals, but this epic water battle gets the crowd screaming with glee and it seems we just can’t get enough.

Post source : Davie Village Post

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