October 03, 2018

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PRIDE DAY 2016: History Will Be Made!

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A week of festivities all comes down to this, the main event, the reason we celebrate Pride.

The Parade has grown to epic proportions over the years and it’s expected the crowds will reach 650,000.

This year a sitting Prime Minister will be marching in the Parade for the first time.  Justin Trudeau will march in the Vancouver Pride Parade as he has twice before.

Jim Deva Plaza Launch Day

This year also marks the opening of Jim Deva Plaza. The plaza sits in the heart of Davie Village, Vancouver’s vibrant LGBTQ2+ neighborhood. Jim Deva was known to thousands as a community leader who dreamed of equality.  He worked each day of his life to make LGBTQ2+ lives better.  He is now immortalized by name in the community he so loved.

Another Historical Fact entered the history books this year. The City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia have enshrined transgender rights into law. Our MLA Spencer Herbert, Transgender Advocates such as Morgane Oger and Jerry Anderson, and so many more, and for some, fought their entire lives to get legal recognition and equality.

Black Lives Matter got noticed this year. Despite any controversy and negative comments, it is a step forward and a first for Black Lives Matter Vancouver. It’s a blessing in fact, that voices are being heard and minds are being changed. Only positive things will come of this in the years ahead as we grow closer together and accept each other as brothers and sisters without any kind of prejudice. It’s a real struggle and open hearts will prevail.  Things do get better.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson made history on July 30th, by marching in the Dyke March. Normally held around Pride Day, the Dyke March takes place in East-Van and attracted huge crowds this year. Black Lives Matter were invited as the parade grand marshal at this years Dyke March.  Mayor Robertson has always been a strong ally to the LGBTQ2+ community and always participates in the Vancouver Pride parade.

To all those participating, and to all those witnessing history and change, have a most wonderful Pride Day!

Post source : Davie Village Post

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