October 02, 2018

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Trinity Western has a right to discriminate, says lawyer

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Should a Christian school demand its values be followed for admission?

Trinity Western University has every right to discriminate in its admissions policy against people who want to have sex outside traditional marriage, the school’s lawyer told BC’s Court of Appeal, June 2, 2016.

In fact, Kevin Boonstra says, any exclusion that may occur as a result of TWU’s admission policy doesn’t even count as discrimination under the law.

That’s because TWU’s covenant barring sex outside heterosexual marriage is part of the fabric that holds the religious school’s community together, he says.

Boonstra wants the appeal court to uphold last year’s ruling ordering BC’s law society to reinstate its approval for TWU’s proposed law school.

The law society had initially agreed to accredit the school in April 2014, then rescinded its acceptance six months later after an outcry from its members.

Boonstra says that reversal sets a dangerous precedent.

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