March 23, 2019

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Rent increases squeezing Red Gate Arts Society in East Van

Photo Credit To Nathaniel Christopher
/ Daily Xtra

Is Lululemon founder Chip Wilson forcing a non-profit arts group to find a new home?

An East Vancouver arts organization that hosts queer events says it’s facing eviction for the second time in five years, due to a proposed rent increase by its new landlords.

“We’re just looking for a new building but the speculative real estate market in Vancouver right now makes it really difficult for places like this,” says Red Gate Arts Society co-director Ana Rose Carrico. “Our mandate is to provide studio space that’s as cheap as possible.”

Red Gate hosts several queer events, including the Denim Vest dance parties. 

“We tend to cater to the East Van queer community because there aren’t really many venues in East Vancouver, which is kind of surprising because a large part of that demographic lives there,” she says.

In addition to creating queer space, Carrico says the society helps foster “the grassroots of music and art culture in Vancouver.”

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