December 19, 2018

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Canada’s Wonderland worker told gay couple to stop hugging

Photo Credit To Barrett Morrison, Toronto Star

The park’s general manager has apologized for the incident, saying “discrimination is not tolerated” at the park.

Revelers can do almost anything at Canada’s Wonderland: surge in a train car at highway speed down a near-vertical incline, swoop on a gargantuan swing, scarf down pounds of bulk candy and free-fall 70 metres while strapped in a chair.

But if you’re gay and you hug your partner?

Not so fast, apparently.

Barrett Morrison and Brandon Hamilton went to the Vaughan amusement park on June 18 to mark the annual “Gay Day” at Wonderland, organized this year by advocacy group PFLAG and Pride Toronto. Waiting in line for the Lazy River, Morrison said he and his partner hugged —as any couple might on such an occasion.

Apparently somebody didn’t like that.

Morrison said they were approached by a Wonderland worker who told them there was a complaint. The worker asked them to stop hugging and said “we should check our behaviour because it’s a family park,” Morrison said.

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Post source : Alex Ballingall, Toronto Star

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