December 16, 2018

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Homophobic sign on balcony may lead to hate crime investigation

Photo Credit To CBC News

A sign with a derogatory term for homosexuals was removed with combined efforts from police and firefighters

A large yellow sign hanging from an apartment balcony displaying homophobic language was removed by police and firefighters Wednesday afternoon.

The offending sign was hanging off the balcony of a third storey apartment just off of Mohawk Road between Upper Sherman and Upper Wentworth streets. Curious residents gathered outside as police and firefighters worked in tandem to safely raise up a ladder to remove the large banner.

Hamilton police say the incident will be referred to its hate crime unit.

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Police investigating homophobic sign hung on balcony

Police are investigating after a sign bearing a homophobic slur was hung from the balcony of an east Mountain apartment unit.

The offending verbiage was accompanied by other language police say wasn’t “hate/bias in nature.”

“All signs have been removed as to not offend any members of the LGBTQ community,” Det. Carmen Pietroniro, of the police hate crime/extremism unit, said Wednesday.

“At the moment, this incident is being treated as a hate/bias incident only. No criminal charges at this time.”

Nobody responded when a reporter buzzed the unit in question at the three-storey apartment building on the corner of Bishopsgate Avenue and Mohawk Road East.

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Post source : CBC News; Hamilton Spectator

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