December 16, 2018

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Alternative Pride Festival creates a new kind of inclusivity

Photo Credit To Chase Porter

It’s time to dust off your rainbow flags: Pride Week is nearly upon us. Hundreds of thousands of participants took to the streets for last year’s official parade—and with events scheduled to celebrate everything from spirituality and homosexuality, being a queer senior, and different facets of lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and gay culture, the official festival allows different groups to honour their identity.

Cultural organizer Matt Troy, however, believes that Pride can be improved. Recognizing that the city’s mainstream events are based on celebrating a specific trait, Troy created another option. With the Alternative Pride Festival—a multi-day grassroots music and arts celebration—Troy aims to offer an inclusivity that Vancouver’s existing festivities lack.

“We’re very different to typical Pride events,” Troy tells the Straight at the Vancouver Art and Leisure office. “We offer parties for everyone—not just for individual categories. Pride isn’t simply for lesbians, or gay people, or another particular group. Aren’t we past that? It’s 2016. Pride is for everybody.

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Post source : Kate Wilson, Georgia Straight

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