December 15, 2018

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Happenings: Jim Deva Plaza

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Upcoming events for Jim Deva Plaza

Jim Deva Plaza

Pop (Power of Placemaking) Crawl

Jim Deva Plaza Free Event

Thursday September 15

Jim Deva Plaza is one of the stops on the first ever #POPCrawl. Get your #POPCrawl Passport at Jim Deva Plaza (6pm on) and join the fun. See how many sites you can explore in one evening. Event starts in the 800 block of Robson Street (Vancouver Art Gallery) at 5 pm, get your free passport there. Food trucks and activities will also take place. Get your passport here or any stop (including Jim Deva Plaza).  Get more information on this event here: #POPCrawl Download your passport right now. POPCrawlPassport

West End Games Night

Free Event

Thursday September 15, 6 pm to 9 pm

Weekly games night in the Plaza encore night. The 6 person ping pong table is a must and lots of board games to choose from. West End Games Night is hosted by Gordon Neighborhood House. The games night has been extended to this week. The weather is great and Jim Deva Plaza is a stop on #POPCrawl event. You can pick your your free passport for #POP Crawl at the Plaza.


WE Arts Market

Free Event

Saturday September 17 and 24, noon to 6pm

Running till the end of September. Local arts market in the Jim Deva Plaza features local artisans showcasing their creations and designs. A great spot to stop while on Davie Street, grab a coffee or snack enjoy the outdoors while discovering some local artists.

The WE Arts Market has an incredible list of artists as their website can attest too. It’s worth a trip over to their site to get a taste of the beautiful creations that await you. Check out WE ART here.

National Senior’s Day

Free Event

Saturday October 1 st , 11 am to 4 pm

Healthy and independent living for Seniors in our community. The day will be filled with activities, information and community groups in the Jim Deva Plaza such as, West End Seniors Network, Joe Fortes Library, West End Community Policing and more.

Post source : WE BIA, WE ARTS

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