November 21, 2016

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HomoCulture Exclusive: Backdoor Pride Edition warehouse space reveal [Sneak Peak]

Photo Credit To HomoCulture

HomoCulture gives you an exclusive sneak-peak inside The Villa

Feeling like you haven’t quite found your tribe or space within the pride community? Perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran and just want something a little different this year. Vancouver Art & Leisure has unveiled the Alternative Pride Festival, July 29-31. The most anticipated weekend of the entire weekend is Backdoor Pride Edition.

Vancouver Art & Leisure is well known for their hot and sweaty pop-up parties in unique and unconventional spaces, including abandoned warehouses, automotive repair shops, and locker rooms. The Backdoor event has become synonymous with the Vancouver alternative nightlight scene, becoming one of the greatest events of the grassroots movement. They are wild, positive, scandalous, full of debauchery, and just utterly unforgettable events.

HomoCulture has the privilege of exclusively revealing images of the venue for Alternative Pride Festival – Backdoor Pride Edition. The legendary event will take place in an historic ship-building warehouse. Located in Vancouver’s downtown east side at 494 Railway Avenue, the incredible warehouse, known simply as, The Villa, will be completely transformed for Alternative Pride.

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Post source : Brian Webb, HomoCulture

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