December 25, 2018

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Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi

The allied Alberta way

Your faithful GayCalgary craftspeople have done it for you! We’ve answered the burning question on every Calgarian’s mind about our internationally-renowned mayor: pets?

“I have never had a pet; I find pets confusing. Except for the time I brought the hamster home, in Grade Six, but then he escaped from his cage, and I spent the entire Sunday night thinking I had killed the classroom’s hamster.”


His Honour takes the reins: “Maybe I can start off a little generally… In my first year as mayor, right at this time of year – so exactly five years ago – I was asked if I would be the marshal of the Pride Parade. I said Yes! I didn’t even think about it. It’s a big parade.

“When it came time for the actual march, the people in my office were sort of preparing for what kind of a backlash we were going to get for this – first [Calgary] mayor to be in the Pride Parade, and so on.

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