July 23, 2017

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Pi Theatre’s Mind-Racing Long Division

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Intertwined Lives

Pi Theatre presents a refreshed remount of Peter Dickinson’s otherworldly and resonant Long Division, April 26 – 30, 2017 at the Annex Theatre (823 Seymour Street).

Directed by Richard Wolfe , with choreography by Lesley Telfor and musical score by Owen Belton , the intellectually-charged, emotionally-gripping work combines multimedia and physical theatre to explore the mathematics of human connection.

Long Division ’s story revolves around seven characters who are inextricably linked by an unresolved traumatic event that binds their pasts together. Through excursions into number theory, geometry, and logic, this innovative work demonstrates how the seven characters need each other, the audience, and a healthy dose of mathematical history and theory to find the answer to the question they all share.

Nicco Lorenzo Garcia, Kerry Sandomirsky

The story also has LGBTQ relationships as the character of Jo is a lesbian and the character of Paul is gay.

Jo Garofsky performed by Jennifer Lines:

Jo is a bar owner who went to school with Alice and traces their relationship from their first meeting to their current friendship, dwelling on how the different high school sets to which they belonged wedged them apart for years. She also recounts an event in her bar that catalyzed a reaction they are all still reeling from.

Paul Vinoray played by Nicco Lorenzo Garcia:

Paul is an unassuming high school math teacher who comes alive in the classroom. His unconventional teaching methods and genuine affection for his students make him the kind of teacher we all remember, despite his worries otherwise. Haunted by an accident that crippled his ex-boyfriend, Paul is determined to use his math training to help the others not remain trapped in a similar limbo.

Tickets and Info:  Pi Theatre

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