July 05, 2017

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BLM Vancouver Lifting Up Marginalized in the Queer Community

Photo Credit To K. Ho

Making the “March on Pride” an Annual Event

This past weekend Black Lives Matter Vancouver held their first “March on Pride” and by all indications it was a great success. Now organizers are considering making the “March on Pride” an annual event.

Black Lives Matter’s first “March On Pride” started at Emery Barnes Park, in the downtown core, and worked its way down Davie Street to English Bay. The march halted at Jim Deva Plaza, in the heart of Davie Village, to hold a “Die In” at the rainbow crosswalks.  The “Die In” aimed to remind people that racism, homophobia and transphobia are interlinked. Black people, people of colour, and indigenous people are reclaiming their pride with the focus being on queer and trans people of colour.  Yes, there were many white folks there too.

A crowd estimated at about 1,000 people attended the event. The biggest controversy is over whether police should be allowed to march in Vancouver’s Pride Parade. BLM Vancouver wants zero police in the Pride Parade, and other groups and individuals want the police to remain.  This year there will be a smaller police presence in the parade as the Vancouver Pride Society continues it’s dialogue with BLM Vancouver and the Vancouver Police Department.

There is a sizeable contingent in the LGBTQ community (based on competing petitions), that wants the police to remain in the parade as they have for many years.  It should be noted that Jim Deva’s name was mentioned over the past weeks, as he faced his own challenges with the police over the years, what was not mentioned was that Jim Deva built bridges to include the police.

The “March on Pride” was an inclusive, non police event. There were many happy faces at the march, and Cicely-Belle Blain said it was an ideal Pride.

A big thank you to K. Ho of photosbykho.com for sharing these wonderful photos.

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