November 13, 2019

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Morgane Oger: Local Community Leader Aims To Be First Transgender MLA

Morgane Oger
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Vancouver Activist and LGBTQ2+ Community Leader, Morgane Oger Seeks NDP Nomination

Morgane Oger has put her hat into the ring and will make a run for a seat in the provincial legislature in the upcoming provincial election. Oger has been approved to seek the nomination in Vancouver-False Creek as an NDP candidate and at present is unopposed.

The run for political office will see Oger run against the Liberal candidate Sam Sullivan, former mayor of Vancouver.

This past summer Morgane Oger was a Parade Grand Marshal in Vancouver’s annual pride parade, an honour bestowed upon her for her hard work, efforts and leadership. An entrepreneur and business owner, Oger is also the chair of the Trans Alliance Society. The TAS has been instrumental is working towards and achieving equality in the province and this past summer changes to the BC Human Rights Code was amended to include right and protections for transgender citizens.

Morgane was the featured in the film In Alliance,a short LGBT film which recently won best LGBT short at the Cannes Short Film Festival. The film was produced and directed by Christine Lord, a Vancouver filmmaker with Sealord Productions.

Parent and Education Advocate, Housing and Social Safety Net and Jobs

As a parent, Oger is committed to working on many important issues regarding education and believes “an education policy that funds education adequately to sustain excellent education and lifts up our children equitably” is paramount.

Oger is the chair of The Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council, (DPAC) is a collection of parents (elected by PACs) working with the common goal of supporting education for all the children of Vancouver.

Repairing and maintaining a social safety net, a housing policy that treats housing like homes and not a commodity and a business environment where innovative and sustainable jobs are nurtured and where we discourage activities which harm British Columbians are a few of the important issues that Oger stands for.

A Mainstreet Research poll conducted by Postmedia this past month shows the NDP with a 5% lead over the provincial Liberals. If elected she will become the first-ever transgender woman elected to government office in Canada.

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IN ALLIANCE: Wins Best LGBT Short at CANNES Short Film Festival


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