December 14, 2018

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A Most Amazing Collaboration of Music: Queer Arts Festival

Photo Credit To Queer Arts Festival

It’s Going to be Amazing: June 24

The Queer Arts Festival (QAF) will feature the coming together of the Chippewa Travellers’ Powwow drum and the classically trained Allegra Chamber Orchestra. The collaboration aims to create new forms of music as the Allegra Chamber Orchestra follows the lead of the Chippewa Travellers in composer Cris Derksen’s Orchestral Powwow.

Using older classical tools with Powwow groups is a way I can express the intersections between the old and the new. It brings together both parts of who I am as a Half-Cree, Half- Mennonite Classically Trained Cellist.” — Cris Derksen

Free Out Door Performance at Roundhouse Turntable Plaza

Saturday June 24, starting at 7pm , the Chippewa Travellers, hoop dancer Kimkii Osasamick, and percussionist Jesse Baird perform Cris Derksens’s composition. In 2016 Derksens’s composition was nominated for Instrumental Album of the Year at the Juno Awards.

Facebook: Allegra Chamber Orchestra

With the Allegra Chamber Orchestra and Chippewa travellers coming together it promises to be a captivating performance.  Allegra is one of the first all female professional orchestras in the world. Their mandate is to empower women and those who identify as women through music.

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Queer Arts Festival 2017: UnSettled June 17 – 29

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