November 22, 2016

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3rd Annual Pride Legacy Awards Presented

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The Pride Legacy Awards were presented Thursday night May 28th at the Vancouver Pride Societies 3rd Annual Legacy Awards held at the Roundhouse Community Centre.

Hosted by Media celebrity Fred Lee awards were presented in 8 categories. Pink was awarded to Jody Jollimore for his work promoting sexual health. The Red was awarded to Pat Hogan a veteran of community for a life time of service. Pat was the recipient of the Life Time Achievement Award. Orange for Sports was won by Scott Fullerton for his outstanding dedication to sport and especially WESA, the west end softball association. Yellow for volunteerism was awarded to Don Presland. Green was awarded to Ryan Hunter for his involvement in providing safe spaces. Turquoise is for the Arts and it goes to the well deserving David C Scott who seemed genuinely surprised even though he so deserved this award. Blue for community leadership went to Al Houston a long standing member of the Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society Two-Spirit. Purple the Youth award was presented to Caroline Doerksen whos hard work and efforts earned her this award. Caroline’s mother is her biggest fan and was there to support her daughter.

The awards ceremony started with a peace song performed by the Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society and recognition was given to the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish First Nations territories upon which the award ceremony was held.

The half time act was the spectacular Vancouver Circus School as about a dozen performers took to the stage and to a giant framed square from which they swung and tilted and spun and so much more that it keep you fixated, it was a fantastic performance.

Janine Fuller on behalf of Bruce Smyth and the gang over at Little Sisters gave a heart warming and almost tearful recollection of Jim’s involvement with pride, the awards and some mention of the upcoming Loud Scholarship awards being held June 4th. Jim used to say that was his favorite day as recalled by Blair Smith from Loud Business. Two scholarships from Little Sisters will be awarded along with 5 others.

There are more winners than just the people who got awards, just being nominated is truly an achievement. Davie Village Post congratulates all the winners and nominees of the 3rd Annual Pride Legacy Awards.

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