December 15, 2018

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Cuisine & Confessions: A Spread For Your Eyes and Mind

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Avant-garde Theatre, Dance and Comedy

The creators behind Sequence 8 return to Vancouver with a delicious medley of theatre, dance and circus. A combination of touch, smell and taste with a feast for your eyes, using the kitchen as a cultural and celebratory focal point.

9 acrobats unite to create a delightful meal in a gigantic kitchen. Bodies will fold and unfold and recipes are shared. Dish rags become ribbons and utensils will dance from one hand to another.

Cuisine & Confessions explores stories from our family kitchens, exploring sound, smell, touch and taste. A theatrical smorgasbord of avant-garde dance and comedy. Theatre la Seizieme, a Montreal based theatre company, graces the Vancouver Playhouse for six performance from January 25 to 29 th , 2017.

10 Things To Know About Cuisine & Confessions

1 All the stories are real and built on real life personal experiences of each cast member.

2 All the music is original and was created specifically for the production. Notable New York jazz club owner Spike Wilner collaborated with Soldevila, musical director from Montreal.

3 Performed in 7 languages while traveling the world. To date the show has been performed in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish and German.

4 Food prepared live on stage and begins during the 30 minute pre-show. Audience members may be asked to assist and food will be cooking throughout the show. Omelets to banana bread are on the menu.

5 Montreal chef Mat Winnicki helped refine the recipes. Not only did Winnicki help refine the recipes used in the show, he also gave weekly cooking lessons to the original cast, sharing pro tips in chopping, slicing, dicing, and more. Each cast member was given a chef’s knife to practice with at home.

6 The Kitchen set was developed and inspired by the cast and created by scenic designer Ana Capellutto.

7 The Postcards are real. Collected by the cast from around the world and placed on the refrigerator.

8 To Do List: Observant theatre goers will notice the chalkboard in the kitchen set showing the numbers to be performed and crossed off as the each performance is completed.

9 Final Song: Started as a joke but became the show’s mantra and was inspired by the directors 5 year old daughter.

10 Clean Up: cleaning up the mess is done by cast members (in rotation) at end of the show in a real working sink.

Cuisine & Confessions is produced by The 7 Fingers

Presented by: Théâtre la Seizième with Tom Lightburn

Conceived and directed by : Shana Carroll & Sébastien Soldevila

Performed by: Sidney Iking Bateman, Melvin Diggs, Mishannock Ferrero, Anna Kachalova, Anna Kichtchenko, Nella Niva, Matias Plaul, & Pablo Pramparo

A winning recipe.” La Presse (Canada)

It is a new genre.” Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Russia)

An infallible circus-dance-theatre-rock recipe that brings us right back to our hearts while warming our stomachs!” Le Monde (France)

A delicious evening in every sense of the word. A perfect blend with just the right dose of ingredients, like in the very best recipes.” Huffington Post (Canada)




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