November 23, 2016

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CFL clothing deal with You Can Play aims to support LGBTQ inclusion


The CFL is teaming up with You Can Play on a clothing line supporting LGBTQ inclusion in sports.

Hats, T-shirts and other items will be available in the colours of the CFL’s nine teams and feature the You Can Play insignia.

Twenty-five per cent of proceeds will go to You Can Play’s programs in Canada.

You Can Play promotes the safety and inclusion for all participating in sports, including LGBTQ athletes, coaches and fans.

Patrick Burke, the NHL’s director of player safety and co-founder of You Can Play, calls the support from the CFL “really incredible.”

“It’s exciting to find a very visible and very open way for the CFL and their fans to support LGBT inclusion in sports,” said Burke, whose father is Calgary Flames president Brian Burke.

You Can Play was formed in memory of Patrick’s brother Brendan, who died in a 2010 car accident. His death came shortly after he came out publicly, saying he want to help end homophobia in the hockey world.

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Post source : DAN RALPH, Globe & Mail

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