June 29, 2017

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Major LGBT March Set for D.C. Pride Weekend

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National Pride March Planned for US Capital

Plans are underway for a National Pride March to take place in Washington on June 11. Brooklyn, New York activist, David Brulnooge has created a Facebook event page for those interested.

The march will coincide with Capital Pride, Washington’s annual pride celebration. Organizers hope to draw big numbers and send a clear message that LGBTQ rights are not to be threatened .

“ We are working in conjunction with the Capital Pride Alliance… to incorporate the March into the 2017 Celebration of Pride in the Nation’s Capital,” Bruinooge wrote. “We want to build off the momentum the strong women in the US and around the world start ”.


National Pride March posted the following update on their Facebook page .

  1. We are overwhelmed by all the positive support and people’s willingness to help volunteer and assist in making this happen. We are in the preliminary planning stages, but in due time we will call on you all for your help.
    2. This is an ALL inclusive march. Every identity, race, religion, age group, etc in our diverse community will be welcomed, represented, and involved in the planning, preparation, and participation of this march.
    3. As stated before, we are working alongside the Capital Pride Alliance to make this become a reality. They have been VERY supportive and helpful. We are honored that they reached out to us and grateful that such an established and important group can help guide us along the way.
    4. If you are interested in creating a similar march in another city, we URGE you to contact your local Pride organizations to help. We don’t want to undermine any of the hard work and planning they do for their own Pride events. Plus, if we all use the framework and leadership of the Pride organizations, we will be a stronger and more united front.
    Thanks again! #NatlPrideMarch #insolidarity

Post source : Queerty. Newnownext, Facebook

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