October 13, 2018

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TWU can’t tell LGBT students to find a seat elsewhere, says lawyer

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Latest Trinity Western University hearing wraps up in BC Court of Appeal

Telling LGBT students there are plenty of law-school seats elsewhere if they don’t like Trinity Western University’s admission requirements is not right, the lawyer for the BC law society told the appeal court June 3, 2016.

That’s like telling Rosa Parks there are plenty of seats at the back of the bus, Peter Gall said.

Gall was concluding his arguments on the last day of hearings in the law society’s appeal of last year’s ruling forcing it to reinstate its approval for TWU .

For admission and ongoing attendance, TWU requires all students adhere to its community covenant, which forbids sex outside heterosexual marriage.

The law society had to consider the covenant’s impact and its potential to exclude students from TWU’s proposed law school, Gall told the five-judge panel.

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