January 23, 2021

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Qmunity community consultations identify LGBT needs for new centre

Photo Credit To Craig Takeuchi

B.C.’s queer resource centre Qmunity is gearing up to develop its new 10,000-square foot West End community centre after receiving a $10 million grant from the City of Vancouver in December 2013.

Although a specific site for the building has yet to be identified, Qmunity sought to better understand the needs and priorities of the various local communities they serve. Consequently, the 36-year-old organization (previously known as the Centre) conducted a series of community consultations with the help of the SFU Centre for Dialogue, starting in May 2015.

The consultations included feedback from community partners, interviews with stakeholders, a one-day community dialogue, eight small sessions for specific LGBT communities, and a survey (both online and printed). Over 750 people participated.

The results of the consultation were compiled in a report released on February 23.

The main priority expressed by participants was on being inclusive of and accessible to diverse identities, including gender, sexual orientations, race, ethnicity, age, abilities, and more.

However, they also understood that Qmunity faces a challenge in balancing programming for specific interest groups while maintaining all-inclusive access.

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