April 22, 2018

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Toronto Police issue apology after HIV/AIDS Comment

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Toronto Police issued an apology after an officer made an inaccurate comment about HIV/AIDS. Toronto Police issued the apology via Twitter.

While several officers hovered over the suspect, who appears to be unresponsive, the police use the taser on him twice. The incident was recorded by Waseem Khan after he witnessed “two officers grabbed him out of the driver’s side door, placed him on the ground, and this is what really disturbed me – he was kicked and stomped in the head by police officers”.

Khan was approached by two officers who threatened to take his phone away for evidence. In Canada it’s legal to record things you witness and police do not have the right to confiscate your phone. Simply put, the Police were in the wrong in making these threats.

The officer featured in the video told Kahn the suspect will “spit in your face, you’re going to get AIDS”.

Making it Right

Toronto Police have launched an internal investigation. The incident began at a downtown shelter and a resulted in a police officer being struck in the face, and construction workers coming to her aid resulted in one construction worker being bitten by the suspect. The suspect has been charged with nine offenses. They include two counts of assault, three counts of assaulting a peace officer, and one count of resisting arrest.

Toronto Police issued the following statements via Twitter. 1. 1st Step in righting a wrong, officer’s comment simply wrong. You cannot get HIV/AIDS from spit. We’re #sorry. 2. Will bring in HIV/AIDS expert to educate their officers. 3. A professional standards/internal investigation into incident underway.

Post source : Huffington Post, CBC

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