October 18, 2019

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Burlesque: The Sequel

The Sequel to dr.a.g. – Burlesque

On the heels of the fabulous coffee table book dr.a.g. comes the sequel “Burlesque”. Recently dr.a.g. Was included as a VIP gift at the Sundance Film Festival. dr.a.g features some of the most beautiful drag queens in the world and the photography is stunning. dr.a.g. is special kind of book that you will want to make sure is on the coffee table when guests come over. It is a must have collectable.


After the success of dr.a.g., Christopher Logan, actor and art book creator presents his new book called Burlesque. Burlesque is the sequel to dr.a.g which brought you the most gorgeous men in drag and the new book will feature the most gorgeous women in Burlesque.

The Burlesque book features top stars including Catherine D’Lish, Michelle L’Amour, Perle Noire, Immodesty Blaize, Little Miss Risk, The Stage Door Johnnies, Tigger, Dirty Martini, World Famous Bob, Dita Von Teese and many more. It is fully completed/designed by Mamio Marais, who helmed the dr.a.g. Book.


“With our second book BURLESQUE, we will not only celebrate the top entertainers in the burlesque world, we will take control. No more middle men or trying to fit into the book world and it’s existing problems. Just direct sales of beautiful books that celebrate diversity and inclusion. Right from me to you,” says Christopher Logan.

Burlesque is available by per-ordering and there are more than just one option when it comes to the most gorgeous art book. Depending on what you like you can get both books Dr.a.g. and Burlesque and you can get them autographed by some of the featured stars such as Michelle L’Amour, Little Miss Risk and Scarlett James.

Getting your copy is easy, simply go to www.bookthefilm.com for more information. This project is funded by kickstarter go to www.kickstarter.com/projects/1369663719/the-burlesque-coffee-table-book. Through kickstarter you can click the green “back this project” botton for lots of choices. Just want to simply back this great project then there is a way. Want a signed copy shipped anywhere in the world? No problem.

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