September 21, 2020

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The Coast is Queer

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The Best in Local Queer Film

A highlight of the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, The Coast is Queer is the local shorts program. The perennial program returns on August 22nd at the York Theatre on Commercial Drive.

A variety of genres and styles by homegrown queer filmmakers, both emerging and established. The screening is rated PG and has a total runtime of 96 minutes.

This years list of shorts include:

Above the Bar, a coming of age story that takes place in a motel above a bar.

Brunch Queen, a short documentary shot like an episode of a mockumentary sitcom, follows the hilarious gay couple, Patrice Savoie and Bryan Searle of Elbow Room fame.

Come Around, a short about a young Filipino girl. The story explores themes of family, love, understanding and forgiveness.

Still from: Everythings Great!

Everything’s Great!, 20 something lesbian bounces between a not-relationship relationship and her alcoholic dad, she seeks stability in others and eventually finds it in herself.

La Ceri-se, fashion photographer Ryan is struggling with how society continues to view, label, and restrain her. Ryan’s journey is a visual illustration of self-love and acceptance.

I Am Me, Jazmine Smith-Gladue is struggling to find herself. Jazmine is a Cree transgender woman and the film was made to encourage others to never give up.

O Criatura: Navigating (dis)location, a journey that explores an East Van Latinx woman’s search for identity and belonging.

Rice Cake, navigating queer spaces as an Asian person through the lived experiences of drag performer Shay Dior. Who by the way founded Ricecake, Vancouver’s only queer Asian party.

A Typical Fairytale, 20 something couple, Sherry and Larry, find each other one night in a bar. The love was magic and they seemed to live happily, but when their 10 year old child admits that she is not a she at all, the parents are left reeling from the confession, and it feels as if they have lost their child. Will they find the bravery to leave the classic narrative and write a new story?

Voicemail, after five years of no communication, Clem receives a voicemail from Joel, his ex. Joel wants to meet up. Clem thinks he is over Joel, but they meet up and soon Clem realizes his feeling are more complicated.

The Vancouver Queer Film Festival runs till the 25th of August. For a complete list of films featured at this years festival visit

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