November 23, 2020

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An Inter-dimensional Science Experiment To Fast Track Healing

Dusty Foot Productions is an emerging, female & non-binary centric, interdisciplinary theatre company. DFP launched their first production, Probability, at rEvolver Festival 2018. Red Glimmer written and directed by Patricia Trinh, premiering at Vancouver Fringe Festival 2019, marks DFPs second production. An inter-dimensional science experiment to fast track the healing process! A Woman involuntarily takes an internal trip after falling into a deep depression. A Scientist is hired to navigate her neurological pathways. Experimenting with the fact that humans cannot physically re-experience somatosensory sensation, like Pain. What if that were the case for traumatic emotional pain?

Emerging playwright Patricia Trinh toys with the theme of mental health with her non-linear plot line in Red Glimmer. A premiere production, at Vancouver Fringe Festival 2019, that tackles Depression through an inter-dimensional science experiment. A Scientist invents the Emotional Facelift, an experimental procedure to eradicate the ability to re-experience emotional pain. Involuntarily hired by a Woman in a deep depression. Will the Woman be strong enough to stay in the sting? A creepy little girl is heard running by. What happens next?

Dusty Foot Productions, Red Glimmer, written and directed by emerging artist Patricia Trinh offers to invite the audience to experience the pivotal traumatic memories that feed a Womans’ depression through visceral narrative soundscapes. The premiere production at Vancouver Fringe Festival 2019 tackles mental health through an interdisciplinary approach in storytelling by weaving poetry, movement and digital projections into an inter-dimensional science experiment; to fast track the healing process.

Dusty Foot Productions Founder, Patricia Trinh, is focused on producing new interdisciplinary theatre that gives voice to the marginalized outcast. Tackling topics such as: Gender Equality, LGBTQ Equality, Mental Health and First-Generation Sociology. DFP’s mandate is creating strong, colour conscious, female identifying and non-binary leading role opportunities by shining light on new work with such roles at the forefront.

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