August 10, 2020

DAVIE VILLAGE POST Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada LGBTQ2+ Hub

LAUNCH: An Accessible Open Mic

Launch offers an inclusive space for new and seasoned performers.

The focus of Launch is to showcase voices overlooked in the bar scene. Launch is for youth, disabled, elders, gender queer, trans+ and allies. You are welcome to read, sing, dance, do drag, and what ever you feel would entertain.

Launch will be held the second Tuesday of every month, with shows starting at 7:30 PM, entry is by donation, what you can afford.

Fine Print

Launch has room for up to eight performers, plus their monthly feature. Regular acts that sign up have six minutes to perform on average. This is a 14+ event, so be careful not to get censored, this is a safe space.

You can show images and film, but need to let Launch know in advance by emailing (

A Fender Passport conference sound system will be able. You can hook up your own MP3, laptop, or CD player. One microphone with four channels is available.

First Featured Performer

Nancy Strider, November 14

Surrounded by newscasts about circumstances beyond her control, Nancy Strider manages her dread by practicing for Grabbing and Going. Come and pick up some tips, as she unpacks the act of packing.

Fifteen years ago, Nancy celebrated her 50th birthday by swapping her accounting job for art school. In 2008 she found her creative home, doing writing and video as a member of Quirk-e, the Queer Imaging and Riting Kollective for Elders. She’s a regular at this open-mic, and credits it for her Launch into spoken word performance


The Queer Imaging and Riting Kollective for Elders

The Queer Imaging & Riting Kollective for Elders (aka Quirk-e) is a group of artist-activists who self-define as queer and as old and interpret these identifications in diverse ways. Some embrace the idea of being old, and some believe that the word is an empty signifier. As far as the word queer is concerned, people in the group define as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender – and more. All define themselves as artists, working primarily with written memoir and digital images, but spilling out into other genres when necessary.

Link to Planet Quirke

images from Quirke, Launch, Wikimedia Commons


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