August 10, 2020

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VANsterdam (Live Performance – World Premiere) Thursday August 13th

A 60 minutes tripping performance on the 21st century modern emancipation happing at the moment in Vancouver, concerning sexual liberation, liquor control and the ongoing growth of marihuana dispensaries. The experience of an emancipation that has been preceded in the 80’s in Amsterdam.  Don’t miss this show, starts at 8pm.

Jason Gwen

About the artist
JASON GWEN, 27, born in 1987 in Hai Phong, Viet Nam and grew up in Arnhem, the Netherlands and Vancouver, Canada. He is Vietnamese with a Dutch nationality. He’s tri-lingual, English, Dutch, Vietnamese and speaks a bit of German. After studying the actor’s program at the Vancouver Youth Theatre (Vancouver, CA) and the dancer/maker program at the ARTEZ Dance Academy (Arnhem, NL), he is now in his sixth season as an international performance/visual artist ánd artistic director of ARNHEMS WORK, operating this season in the Netherlands, Ireland and Canada.
As a performer he has shared his time with theatre/dance companies like Scapino Ballet & Ellen ten Damme (NL), T.R.A.S.H (NL), Das Letzte Kleinod (DE), Dries Verhoeven (NL/DE), Nicoline van Harskamp (NL), Jonas Staal & Vincent van Gerven Oei (NL), Kenya Performing Arts Group (NL/KE), Theatergroep DOX (NL), GOTRA Ballet (NL/CN), United Cowboys (NL), Laurent Flament (NL/BE), with guest appearances in among others Villa Achterwerk , Spangas, Het Mysterie Van, acting roles in features like Skin and Ataraxia and have done commissioned work for clients like BMW, Clearasil, ING Bank, McDonalds, Philips,, TNT, Tom Tom and Volkswagen.

With a one week 24/7 live research to follow the week after, where JASON GWEN will live and experience the days and nights, in and around the famous East Hastings St. Where asking for change on the streets, receives a whole new interpretation. The found material will be transitioned into a video performance, set to premiere in the fall in the Netherlands.

Under the artistic direction of JASON GWEN, ANHEMS Work is an international borderfree, hybrid arts company that continuously is in search of creating new hybrid art forms, thanks to the ongoing relocation of the artistic process and the ever changing setting of the artistic ensemble. In the past the company has created various work e.g. hybrid performances, site-specific, theatre plays, choreographic work, dance concerts, musical compositions, short video’s and photography series.

Performance/Visual Artist ánd Artistic Director of ARNHEMS Work
August 13, 8pm VANsterdam/ARNHEMS Work – live performance club 8×6, Vancouver, CANADA
http://www.8×   Tickets available at the door $20

August 16, 4pm – August 23, 4pm the LIVING dead/ARNHEMS Work – 24/7 live research East Hastings St,Vancouver, CANADA

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