February 20, 2020

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PROFILE: Don Allison, Local Hero, Advocate, Activist

Just after leaving Sunset Beach following Strut 2015, the Foundation of Hope fundraiser and awareness campaign, I headed to Davie Village to catch up on the latest news at Davie and Bute as the City of Vancouver was holding a 4th open house.  I ran into Don Allison who is my friend, neighbor and a long time advocate and activist.  Don will always stop to greet you and see how your doing as he did with me today.  He told me about this video that was just put up which chronicles the early years of Vancouver LGBT rights, or in those days it was simply known as gay rights.   I’m lucky to know Don and meet him when I first moved to Vancouver.  Don is well known to folks at the Dr. Peter Centre where he recently retired after many years of serving up delicious meals.  It took courage and determination to make a stand back in the 60’s and 70’s.   Don Allison, thank you.

Credit to the BC Gay & Lesbian Archives, Spotlight Productions and Telus

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