August 04, 2020

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Is the Odyssey Closed for Good?

Photo Credit To Odyssey Facebook

What’s Going On at the Odyssey?

According to, The Odyssey Bar and Nightclub is scheduled to reopen on January 15th, 2018.

It has been over one month since the Odyssey Nightclub (686 W. Hastings St) closed it’s doors, claiming a lack of insurance is prohibiting them from staying open.

We tried to reach out to the Odyssey, but have not heard back from them. Davie Village Post went to peak into the window the other day to find a notice on the door that said due to insurance problems the club will remain closed until further notice. It appears all the chattels inside the Odyssey are still there, including the velvet ropes.

Since 1987, the Odyssey has been an anchor of gay nightlife in Metro Vancouver, and a top destinations for tourists from around the world.

Facebook Post from September 21, 2017


Dear Patrons,

As we have learned that many insurers have changed their policies to not include nightclubs as insurable businesses – and our current insurance policy is expiring September 23rd – The Odyssey will be on a temporarily hiatus from September 23rd till an unknown time. We are in the process of looking for a policy with much difficulty and realize this issue is not isolated to just us, as it is a growing issue facing the nightclub industry.

Thank you for your understanding and appreciate all your patronage. We look forward to seeing all of you very soon in the future.

The Odyssey Bar & Nightclub

Media Firestorm

In 2015, the Odyssey faced a backlash from the community after it was revealed former owner/manager Bijan Ahmadian, hired undercover operatives to gather information on a Halloween event sponsored by Vancouver Arts and Leisure, which enraged the organizers.

The information was gathered and then sent to a local media outlet, and as a result angered the LGBT community in Vancouver. The National Post wrote about this expose in December 2015.

Has the club suffered as result of this action taken by Ahmadian? Is insurance the only reason the club is closed? Fans and patrons are full of hope that his venue will reopen soon.

The famous Shower Power was a mainstay at the Odyssey, and now the Pumpjack has taken the honour of best shower show in town.

The only indication was the date given on Yelp, and since no one is replying back to us, we can’t verify if this is true or not.

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