July 08, 2020

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Tasty Lips

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Welcome addition to Davie Village

If you haven’t noticed yet there is a new restaurant in Davie Village called Lips Resto 1143 Davie Street.  The decor is stylish and inviting.  Great for a romantic dinner or having a cocktail with a few friends.  After one month in business the restaurant is getting great reviews on Yelp with comments such as: “simply delicious” and “welcome addition to Davie Village”.  Food here is made for sharing and is served Tapas style.  There is a great selection for lunch and dinner, and don’t forget Lips Resto has a nice wine selection to compliment your palette.

photo Davie Village Post

How about starting with a Sockeye & Arugula Smoked Sockeye, baby arugula, beet chip, pistachio, red onion, beet, poached egg, dill vinaigrette salad.  For one of your shared (or by yourself) plates the Pork Trio Tenderloin, confit belly, prosciutto, dijon braised romaine, oven dried tomatoes and asparagus would go nice with a California Cabernet Sauvignon.  How delish!






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