October 20, 2018

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Photo Credit To Femme City Choir

FEMME CITY CHOIR is an all-genders, queer and trans* centered femme-fabulous singing extravaganza.

The 2nd Annual FEMME-STRAVAGANZA June 5 & 6 are here! Under the direction of Lau and Kate, the two choir directors, the choir hits the stage in the recently renovated and grand theatre, The York Theatre at 639 Commercial Drive.

“The York Theatre has great acoustics and amazing sound checks and it’s a privilege to perform on that stage” says Lau.  Lau and Kate have been best friends since the age of 12 and the passion of music has followed them to the stage as singers and choir directors.

“There is steady interest in the choir as new members generally start applying in late June and in July. There is no formal audition but obviously one would have to sing and from there vocal range is determined”, as Lau explains.

Lau says “that the members are a tight knit group and very supportive of each other and there is a sense of community” Be sure to connect with Femme City Choir on their Facebook page. That is also where you will find event information as well as their website

Femme City Choir Presents: The 2nd Annual FEMME-STRAVAGANZA
June 5 & 6, 2015 – 8 pm
The York Theatre, Vancouver, 639 Commercial Drive

Note: tickets available through the CLUTCH, but show is at the York Theatre.


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