January 23, 2021

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Meet and Date Women: Lez Hookup Events

Wondering where to find the woman of your dreams? Want a fun way and comfortable way to engage with the women in the community?

Vancouver’s Lez Hookup holds regular events that are dedicated to bring women together with popular events such as speed dating. Speed dating events are amazing and one of the best things about it is you meet potential dates one on one.

How Does it Work

Participants will be grouped. Dates will go on for about 4 minutes, after which participants will determine whether or not they want to correspond further. If by chance you don’t get to chat with someone whom caught your eye, then you just answer yes to that person. Your yes choices are then emailed to you a few days later so you can follow up with others who gave you a yes. Both parties have to mutually check yes for each other for this to happen.

Events require you to sign in, and then the MC will introduce herself and explain the how the evening will unfold. Groups will have about 30 minutes to participate in the Hook Up Date, before the groups get switched, and the process starts over. After the event, participants return their forms to the MC, and everyone is welcome to stick around for festivities afterwards.


You will need a ticket/reservations in advance, unsold tickets will be available at the door. Visit lezhookup.com for details.

All women are invited to attend, and you don’t have to identify as lesbian.

Women of all ages attend these events, they don’t ask your age. However, the event is held in an adult aged venue.

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