August 04, 2020

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Countdown: Event Of The Season, SHINE

With hundreds of volunteers and only a page to write, it’s impossible to put this event into complete perspective. There are just so many people that won’t be mentioned or highlighted simply because this extravaganza is Epic in Size.

You may have seen the countdown on Facebook, or watched Justin Voitic’s Tour De Force last week, when he paid a visit to numerous designers highlighting the fashion and designs set to hit the runway on September 10th.

Justin Voitic, SHINE 2016 team Fashion & Lifestyle Correspondent, Photo:

As you read this, designers are putting the final touches to their pieces, stylists are contemplating the look for the night, makeup artists are getting their finest brushes and colours organized and the talent is gearing up. A show of this size and caliber takes a village and that is exactly what the LGBT community and hundreds of volunteers have taken to task.

It’s a show, an extravaganza the likes of which are seen perhaps once a year. Yet, it’s much more than that, it’s a party and celebration of what community can achieve. Dean Thullner is doing it yet again and it’s truly a monumental undertaking.

The Designers Spotlight

59754c_b07bc9e6f1494f268b7885bd15338971~mv2 Shiverz Designs loves to create ideas and strives to visually entertain you.

59754c_205eb2c6fd8441dc837b7567c8801bb2~mv2_d_3888_2592_s_4_2 Lace Embrace‘s collection of antique corsets has swelled to become the largest in the world and has been featured in The Lovure and currently in the Museum of Vancouver.

59754c_9871bb15f4a14163b65050965a2ff668~mv2 Carolyn Bruce is a Vancouver based mixed media artist who works with glass and semi-precious beads. Including lead-free base metals in silver, gold, and bronze.

59754c_ab4d959b956844c8a753bbf45ea646eb~mv2 Nicole Rose‘s work is larger than life, fantastical and exudes a vintage grace. Her designs focus on intricate, hand embellished details, delicate lace, classic lines and the strictest of quality standards. She is best known for her glamorous animal inspired line, corsetry and gowns, such as those featured at SHINE2016.

Stylists Spotlight

13 of Vancouver’s top salon’s will be on-hand at SHINE. Sending their top stylists and full teams, all volunteers, and will give attendees of SHINE an experience showcasing the level of excellence Vancouver’s top salon’s offer.

Volume Studio, Suki’s, Salon Origins, Brush, Head Space, Stratosphere, Sugar Skull, in.Salon, is.Salon, Craft Academy Salon, Salon, High Fidelity Hair and The Lounge Studio are sure to bring it on!


Dance Party with DJ Skylar


Wear your dancing shoes to this event. Influenced by Deep House, Bass music and Hiphop, this renegade DJ has love for all genres which is revealed through their original mashups and remixes. Skylar is a strong advocate on breaking barriers for queer DJs and has traveled all over headlining in major cities including Berlin, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Atlanta, San Francisco and Oakland. Skylar shows versatility through imaginative style and sound over live performances and recorded DJ sets. The mission is to take you on a musical journey of different beats, rhythms and sounds through the medium of freestyle mixing.

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Link to SHINE, full event listing and ticket info.

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