June 19, 2018

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4 Sexy Swimwear Tips

Hot on the Beach

Men’s swimwear is sexier than ever. New materials and designs give the consumer lots of choices. There are the regular sports trunks, usually with a tie string, and if more expensive it will have some piping along the sides. If you look at some main stream magazines that do men’s swimwear features they seem to like the boring sports trunk or board shorts. Esquire magazine recently showed the top 30 designs and they were all sport trunks.

1 Show Some Thigh

Sport shorts these days are longer than years ago and board shorts are extremely long, may as well wear pants. Show some thigh and those toned legs.

Loro Piana Swim Trunks

2 Baggy Or Tight

Depends on what you prefer. Don’t wear overly baggy trunks as they don’t look great if they are. It depends on your comfort level as well. Baggy with extra thick cotton lining or skimpy microfiber?  If your shy and don’t want to show a package then avoid microfiber.  With many designs and brands of swimwear package enhancement is a big trend.  Many brands come with a built in ring or separate pouch which gives lift.

Andrew Christian La Jolla
Andrew Christian La Jolla

3 Bit of a Belly?

Try a wider waist band and avoid large patterns as they will attract the eye to your belly. Bellies are cute so if your concerned this tip will help.

Sauvage Freestyle Square Cut Navy
Sauvage Freestyle Square Cut Navy

4 Fast Drying

Cotton will keep damp a long time and may cause chafing. Fibers that are nylon or polyester will dry quickly.

A great place in Vancouver to find sexy swimwear is Topdrawers. From sports shorts to thongs Topdrawers has a wide selection of swimwear. Top brands like Andrew Christian, Sauvage and Gregg are available through the store or their website.

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