July 08, 2020

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Gay Sports – LGBTQ+ Sports

Gay Sports – LGBTQ+ Sports

Vancouver’s Gay Sports have come a long way since the Gay Games were held in Vancouver in 1990.  7,300 athletes participated in 27 sports. Two World Masters records were set in swimming. The 2018 Gay Games will be held in Paris.

Vancouver has a diverse and ever expanding LGBTQ+ sports scene which is evidenced by the number of sports clubs and associations today. From swim clubs to hockey, sports for any season and sports for any ability regardless of gender, age, you know the drill. It grew out of a strong sense of community and pride.

This year marks some milestones in LGBTQ+ sports in Vancouver. Take for example OUT FOR KICKS, Vancouver’s LGBTQ+ Friendly Soccer League. Started by a group of men in 1989, they posted a few ads and a soccer league was born. They participated in the 1990 Gay Games as team Vancouver Voltage. This year marks OFK’s 25th Anniversary and they have put together a great league history on their website.

The West-End Slo-Pitch Association was started in 1978, now in it’s 37th year WESA has 16 teams and over 200 players. This year they signed up over 40 new players.

You can get more information on local LGBTQ+ sports clubs and associations on our community page for sports. http://community.davievillagepost.ca/listing-category/sports-clubs-associations/ This list is short as our website is new, so if your sports club or association is not listed it’s free to list.

We recently posted a story on Vancouver Front Runners and how the VFR welcomes everyone regardless of fitness level. If you need help and encouragement to get into shape VFR offers that support. Volunteer based the Vancouver Front Runners partner with the Vancouver Pride Society and Health Initiative for Men, HIM. This is a good example of how sports can get you fit and for many find a fun way to engage yourself in the community.

There are lots of choices when it comes to sports and the list of added benefits is enormous. Take a look at the number of fundraisers sports clubs do each year. You will see most of the sports clubs and associations march in the annual pride parade on August 2nd. The Legacy Awards presents each year the Orange Legacy Award for Sports.

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