July 07, 2020

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Keeping Active: LGBT Meetups

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Vancouver and the lower mainland has it’s fair share of LGBT groups for tennis, baseball, soccer, swimming, running and a few other sports groups. How about art groups? There are a number of art groups which include dancing, singing, theatre to mention a few. How about Meetup groups. Meetup.com has an LGBT category and it’s  growing all the time.

You many have heard of the Border Riders motorcycle group, and now a new motorcycle group has emerged on meetup.com and Facebook called Vancouver Gay Riders. It’s an all are welcome group and they are planning a bike run for Sunday September 25 to Anacortes, Washington. Called the 35th Annual Oyster Run, the group plans on meeting in Surrey before traveling across the border. Your passport is required to join this particular ride.

There is a 20/30 -somethings, Gay men’s beer and social club, Vancouver Queer Asians, Les-be Friends Vancouver and so many more groups to choose from, no need to be at home and not active. If local is not your goal and you like to travel the world, Meetup has listings for LGBT groups all around the world.

It’s all about getting together to learn something, do something and share something.

Gay travel groups are popular and there are countless gay travel groups listed on the site. How about business? There are all sorts of business groups and entrepreneurial groups to choose from. This would be a great way to network your LGBT business locally and internationally.

The Out in White Rock group has 275 members and numerous other local communities have groups set up, for example Port Moody has it’s own group as does Langley/Surrey.

http://community.davievillagepost.ca/ has a map and listing for dozens of local community groups and your group is welcome to participate by adding it’s information to the site.

So, with Fall and Winter seasons approaching its a great idea to get active and be involved. For more information and to get a closer look at the ever expansive Meetup.com listings you can click the link below to get started.


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