June 02, 2020

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Called out by a rights tribunal, Vancouver police changing its ways with transgender people

In 2015, a B.C. Human Rights Tribunal found that the Vancouver police discriminates against trans people like Angela Dawson.

Out on the streets, Angela Dawson is known as Roller Girl.

Decked out in colourful clothing, she directs traffic at busy Vancouver intersections on her rollerblades, unafraid of the dangers.

She also had the courage to take on the police establishment.

Because of that, the police board is taking steps to improve the interaction of officers with transgender people like her.

Following Dawson’s successful complaint before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, a recommendation has been submitted to the Vancouver police board regarding the way officers should identify trans people.

Up for approval in a board meeting Thursday (June 16), the policy directs officers to refer to a transgender person in that individual’s chosen name and matching pronoun.

For example, trans women will be called by their preferred female names, and as a ‘she’.

The proposed procedure also provides that when completing the narrative of a report, police officers shall use the person’s chosen name and appropriate pronoun.

Read More Here: http://www.straight.com/news/719331/called-out-rights-tribunal-vancouver-police-changing-its-ways-transgender-people#DVP

Post source : Carlito Pablo, Georgia Straight

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