July 07, 2020

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Reports of ‘Disney-like theme park’ announced for Playland not true, says PNE

An artists rendering of what a new area in PlayLand, called "The Park", might look like.
Photo Credit To PNE

Vancouver city council will vote on whether to study a creative concept for the future of Playland – but reports that a Disneyland-style theme park is coming are incorrect, says the PNE.

“It’s important to understand that what we are talking about is an expansion and revitalization of Playland that will be a transformation of Playland from an amusement park to more of a theme park, but it’s not what the public would generally think of as a Disneyland-style theme park,” says PNE Spokesperson Laura Ballance.

“An initial study came up with some ideas of what that plan could look like, with estimated costs and we’re now at the stage of
doing further research and feasibility studies.”

But Ballance says at this point, that’s all it is – a concept developed years ago, that may take a small step forward next week.

“If we were actually announcing a theme park, we would hold a press conference. It’s not something we’re going to tweet out,” she said.

“The concept is more than a decade old.”

Read More Here: http://globalnews.ca/news/2749663/reports-of-disney-like-theme-park-announced-for-playland-not-true-says-pne/#DVP

Playland expansion plan at Vancouver’s PNE includes themes

The 10-year plan is projected to cost $120 million

Vancouver city council learned more on Tuesday about plans to redevelop Playland at the Pacific National Exhibition in East Vancouver.

The redevelopment is projected to cost $120 million and take 10 years to complete.

The plan is to expand the 15-acre amusement park to 22 acres and introduce six zones with themes.

The proposed themes include Main Street, The District, The Park, Kids Playce, Coastal Village, and Adventure Land.

Read More Here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/playland-redevelopment-plan-1.3634972#DVP

Link to PNE Master Plan: http://www.pne.ca/aboutus/hastings-park-pne-master-plan.html#DVP

Post source : Justin McElroy, Global News BC; Rafferty Baker, CBC News

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