December 11, 2019

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How Big Bro’s Barbershop creates trans-friendly space in its salon

Photo Credit To Hannah Ackeral/Daily Xtra

With a new street-front shop in East Vancouver and a business award under his belt, Jessie Anderson makes strides

“I wanted to make some sort of concrete place where trans people knew their wellness was being prioritized,” says Jessie Anderson, who founded and owns Big Bro’s Barbershop in East Vancouver.

Before opening his barbershop in 2015, Anderson learned the retail ropes at Little Sister’s bookstore, where he took the lead on developing the iconic queer store’s trans resource section.

“It worked, but it was hard to facilitate parents bringing their youth in,” he says. “That’s such an important bonding moment, and you shouldn’t have to wade through butt plugs to get to binders.”

So the 25-year-old set out to create a space he considers more accessible, combining gender-affirming products and resources with haircuts to help people find or hone their gender expression.

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